Thursday, November 25, 2010

Deep Techno Blog Mix Vol.09: Below Surface

Inspired by underwater pictures of last summer. By the dubby sound of bubbles below surface. The 9th mix of the Deep Techno Blog  continues its journey to the deeper sides of techno music. One step before dub techno, one hour of slow and dark rhythms. Enjoy!

Listen & Download:

1. Conforce - Subtraction 
2. Milton Bradley - The Unheard Voice From Outer Space 
3. Dub Taylor - Human Shades 09 (Extract)  
[Opossum Recordings]
4. Time for Trees - Sad Livin In The City (Roy England's No One Will Cry Over Me Dub) 
5. STL - Checkmate (cv313 Remodel)  
6. Lucy - Kalachakra  
7. Knowone - 003B  
8. Aaron Carl - Crucified (Rod Modell Like A River Remix)  
[Millions Of Moments]
9. Luke Hess - Corridor S Solution (A Plea For Change)  
10. Minus 126 - Feel Forgotten  
[Do Not Resist The Beat]
11. Roberto Bosco - After Berlin
12. Manaboo - Morpheen

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Deep Techno Blog Mix Vol.08: Warschauer Strasse

Deep & Slow. This has been the initial musical concept of the blog. Deep & Slow Tech with this post bearing the exact feeling of the genre. Bpms at around 122, fat chords and basslines, 55 minutes of delicious deep tech house & techno music. The podcast is inspired by my last visit in Berlin. Warschauer Strasse. Where our days started and our adventures came to an end. You know the spot. That big bridge with the great view of East Berlin, S3, S9 lines crossing underneath, crowded at day and night. This mix comes with all my memories of the trip.

[genre: Deep Tech]

Listen & Download:
  Ikaros Matsoukas - Warschauer Strasse mix by ikaros

1. Ribn - Stonedrum
[Mild Pitch]
2. Chet - Urban Dharma
[Statik Entertainment] 03:59
3.  Johannes Lehner - Delicious Monster
[Do Easy Records] 08:16
4. Filippo Mancinelli & Alex May - The Hills
[Darkroom Dubs] 12:34
5. Elting Lieb - Yukon
[Resopal Schallware] 17:00
6. Tom Lennox - Northern Soul
[Forbidden Fruit Recordings] 23:35
7. Reference - Best Night in Detroit
[Planet E Communications] 28:18
8. Harrison Fnord - Dubgirl
[Statik Entertainement] 35:20
9. Chaim - Love Rehab Dub
[Bpitch Control] 39:36
10. Circular Star - Space Free
[Trapez] 46:20
11. Jacek Sienkiewicz - Everyday (feat. Mo)
[Rocognition] 50:43

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Deep Techno Blog Mix Vol.07: Back 2 House

You can't say you haven't felt it. The Chicago sound is back. Not the cheesy sub-genres that drove house movement to more mainstream paths. But the pure, underground sound of house music. Dry beats, fat basslines and a flavor of funk. This mix tries to give you an essence of house and deep tech house music, featuring 16 new tracks that brought the house music back on the scene.
Wait a second, did i say 16?
Sorry, let's make it 15 new, plus one track from the past. A ten years old track, yet underground fresh. It's up to you to discover or, if you're old enough, remember yourself dancing to it, around the year 2000 ;)

[genre: House, Deep Tech]

Listen & Download
Ikaros Matsoukas - Back 2 House Mix by ikaros

1.Marcello Napoletano - What's Going On Detroit (Ikaros remix)
2. Omar S - U (edit)
[FXHE Records] 02:05
3. Oracy - Hold Me (Ikaros remix)
[Mojuba] 05:06
4. Soultourist - Televised
[Drumpoet Community] 07:59
5. Jay Sepheard - Movin' In
[Retrofit] 11:56
6. Motorcitysoul - Movement & Motion (Ikaros remix)
[Simple Records] 17:22
7. Delano Smith - Exploration
[Phonica Records] 21:50
8. Rndm - Wakefiled (Watergate Version)
[Watergate] 25:56
9. Peter Funk & Kevin Yost - Wayback (edit)
[i! Records] 28:57
10. Josh Wink - Jus' Right (Jimpster Remix)
[OVUM] 31:46
11. Photon Inc. Feat. Paula Brion - Generate Power
[Strictly Rhythm] 34:38
12. Baffa - Hoy
[Regular] 37:32
13. Mendo - Everybody I Got Him (2009 remix)
[Cadenza] 42:00
14. Babak Shayan - Flowers (dub version)
[Plasitc City] 45:48
15. Gene Farris - The Spirit
[Farris Wheel Recordings] 50:27
16. Argy and Ditto - Let Me Out
[These Days] 55:39

[The above mentioned record labels have released the original versions of the tracks, not the edits and remixes by me]

Cue file download here (
Rapidshare mp3 file mirror here

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Deep Techno Blog Mix Vol.06: A Late August Dusk

A Late August Dusk concept in October? A bit late though, the idea of this mix was actually conceived in the end of the last summer. It is one of my favorite mixes and i thought it deserved to be posted. It tries to give the perception of a late august dusk, when it is still summer, but everyone feels that the end is coming. Earlier sunsets, cooler evenings. A sweet yet decadent flavor...

[genre: Deep House, Tech House]

1. Virginia, Solar & Poppcke - Our Days
[Plastic City]
2. Oliver Koletzki feat. Juli Holz - Zuckerwatte (David August Remix)
[Stil Vor Talent]
3. Two Armadillos Feat Barbara Alcindor - Je Suis Differente
[Sthlmaudio Recordings]
4. RibN - This Feeling
[Mild Pitch]
5. Sebastian Davidson - Sunday Morning (Lemon Popsicle Remix)
[Night Drive Music Limited]
6. Jamie Anderson - Freerider (Kirby Remix)
[Elevation Ireland]
7. Beat Pharmacy feat. Coppa - Rooftops (Version)
[Wave Music]
8. Bucher & Kessidis - Evil Night
[Plastic City]
9. Roberto Bosco - Dub Piano
[Be As One Records]
10. Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy (Kamuflage Loves Fred remix)

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Deep Techno Blog Mix Vol.05: The Deep Comeback

"Old habits die hard". After a long time of inactivity due to several reasons we are back in business. This time with a mix that brings the sound of the Deep Techno Blog back to its roots: Deepness! That is why it's named as "The Deep Comeback". In 60 minutes, a mixed set of 11 tracks of pure deep tech house give the tone.

1. Steve Bug - Trust in me (ft. Virginia)
[Poker Flat]
2. Stereociti - Waiting For Your Call
[Mojuba] 03' 26"
3. Plus1 feat Florian Schirmacher - Intimacy
[Koax Records] 08' 02"
4. Clara Moto - Persephony (Rene Breitbarth Remix)
[Mina Records] 13' 38"
5. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Gone Too Far feat Robert Owens
[Loco Records] 18' 26"
6. Kevin Yost - A Deeper Side of You
[I! Records] 24' 30"
7. Tigerskin - Dawn
[Baalsaal] 29' 57"
8. STP - Velvet feat. Holly Morris
[I! Records] 36' 04"
9. Tomoki Tamura & Nono - 3 Years (Manuel Tur Remix)
[Four:Twenty] 42' 10"
10. Oleg Poliakov - Rainy Dayz
[Circus Company] 48' 54"
11. Thomas Bare - Touch Me
[Elemental] 53' 42"

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Deep Techno Blog Mix Vol.04: October 98

It has been 10 years already since October 1998, a month that proved to be a breaking point of my life, a start of the most exciting period. Not much more to say about that. "October 98", the 4th mix of the Deep Techno Blog is not a musical retrospective of these years, although it was initially thought to be one. It accompanies my deepest thoughts & my sweetest memories of this period, consisting of 14 tracks of modern techno & tech house music, moving to a harder musical direction than the previous, deeper, mixes.
Dedicated to my friends. You know who you are.

[genre: techno, minimal techno]

1. Gaiser - Ground
2. Dana Ruh - Gents
[Einmaleins Musik]
3. Mike Dehner - Peach
[Fachwerk Records]
4. Axel Bartsch - D' Accord
[Sportclub Music]
5. Mark Henning - Stash
[Soma Recordings]
6. Prime Time - Metro
[Good Life]
7. Slam - City Destryer (Part 2)
[Soma Recordings]
8. Mihalis Safras - Mikrodeep
9. Monika Kruse - Alo
[Terminal M]
10. Markus Meinhardt - Phantom
[Upon You Records]
11. The Dose - Passenger
12. Octex - Deflection
13. Monika Kruse feat. Toto La Momposina - Morgana
[Terminal M]

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Deep Techno Blog Mix Vol 03: Sunsetspotters

Every afternoon during summer, tourists are heading to the village of Oia, on the west coast of the island of Santorini. It is considered to be one of the best spots in the Aegean to watch the sunset because of the elevation of the site giving the impression of a sun dipping into the sea. In fact, everyone recognizes this rumor to be exaggerated but who can blame other people for trying to find the best spot to watch the sunset when everyone of us has done it at least once?

This mix, the 3rd of the Deep Techno Blog series, is a tribute to this moment. 64 minutes of deep techno inspired by a late august afternoon in Santorini, among hundreds of people sharing the same experience: A quest for a mystical moment as the summer ends...

[genre: tech house, deep house]

1. Pop-3 - I never Sleep (James Taylor Sleepy Edit)
[Neopren Recordings]
2. Glimpse - Find A Way
3. Kiki & Sasse - Belvedere (Till Von Sein Remix)
[Mood Music]
4. Larsson - Ruanda (Solar & Poppcke Remix)
[Rotary Coctail]
5. Baaz - Just About (Agnes Simple Mix)
6. Nivek Tsoy - Denied
[i Records]
7. Shriprinski - Liminal Secrets
[Deepology Digital]
8. Eric Borgo - Mopti
9. Solomun - No Comment
[Dessous Recordings]
10. Kolombo - Resistant
[Vice Versa]
11. Ziggy Kinder - FlipFlop Crash (Pier Bucci Remix)
[Souvenir Music]
12. Rennie Foster - Devil's Water

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