Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Deep-Techno Blog goes Live!

Welcome all,

I decided to start a blog in order to publish my DJ mixes and share my musical tastes. The construction of this page took a bit long because my purpose was not to create just a space for mp3s, but to offer an esthete view of the music it represents. The design of the Deep Techno Blog does not hide my preference for a minimal way of style. The main business of the Deep Techno Blog is to care for what you hear, but the importance of the visual content cannot be ignored by its author.

About Deep-Techno music: Techno seems to be all around. But is it the Techno music our ears were trained to, several years ago? Obviously not. During the last years we all experienced a shift in dance music. The electronic music, tired by 4 years of progressive darkness needed a new direction again. And this was found in a years existing genre. Bleeping sounds, lower BPMs overwhelmed the dancefloors and the rest is well known. Techno, Mininal, Tech House are separate genres in most common online music shops, Kompakt replaced Bedrock (do they still exist?) as superstar DJs (do they still exist either?)  favorite label. Nothing reminds the days back when you had to search the cached vinyls at a record shop to discover any releases of Trapez or Raum Musik.

Comments are very welcome, suggestions and arguments on any feature of the Deep Techno blog are even more desirable. As this is a first, raw attempt watch out for future changes and updates.

Stay Tuned!