Sunday, June 1, 2008

Deep-Techno Blog Mix Vol.01: Axiom

An Axiom is a mathematical statement that serves as a starting point. Axioms, unlike Theorems are not demonstrable by proofs. Their truth is self-evident simply because they are starting points. This is the rationale of this mix, the first mix of the Deep - Techno Blog. It serves as a music axiom for the future content of the blog. Deep techno, techy, minimal house build a 65 minute journey through contemporary electronic music. Enjoy!

1. Greyret - Baude
2. Rio Padice - Coconut Bay
3. Robert Babicz - Dark Flower
[Audiomatique Recordings]
4. Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra - Kisses (Kabuto & K. Carnea mix)
[Get Physical]
5. The Librarian - The Hornet's Nest
[Race Car Productions]
6. Butane - Wanderer
7. Ron Flatter - Kinkerlitz
[Boxer Recordings]
8. Le Jockey - Chew the Whale Fat
[Clever Music]
9. Mark Mendes - Hubert is Cool
[Starter Records]
10. Nicolas Masseyeff - Marie-Louise
11. Sarah Goldfarb - Panenka
[Toys for Boys]
12. Martin Eyerer - Furthermore
[Kling Klong]
13. Ryo Murakami - Down the Sky (Argy Remix)
[Poker FLat]
14. Zoexenia - Into Deep

Download via Rapidshare: Mix (mp3) / Cue file

Download via Mix (mp3) / Cue file