Monday, September 15, 2008

Deep Techno Blog Mix Vol 03: Sunsetspotters

Every afternoon during summer, tourists are heading to the village of Oia, on the west coast of the island of Santorini. It is considered to be one of the best spots in the Aegean to watch the sunset because of the elevation of the site giving the impression of a sun dipping into the sea. In fact, everyone recognizes this rumor to be exaggerated but who can blame other people for trying to find the best spot to watch the sunset when everyone of us has done it at least once?

This mix, the 3rd of the Deep Techno Blog series, is a tribute to this moment. 64 minutes of deep techno inspired by a late august afternoon in Santorini, among hundreds of people sharing the same experience: A quest for a mystical moment as the summer ends...

[genre: tech house, deep house]

1. Pop-3 - I never Sleep (James Taylor Sleepy Edit)
[Neopren Recordings]
2. Glimpse - Find A Way
3. Kiki & Sasse - Belvedere (Till Von Sein Remix)
[Mood Music]
4. Larsson - Ruanda (Solar & Poppcke Remix)
[Rotary Coctail]
5. Baaz - Just About (Agnes Simple Mix)
6. Nivek Tsoy - Denied
[i Records]
7. Shriprinski - Liminal Secrets
[Deepology Digital]
8. Eric Borgo - Mopti
9. Solomun - No Comment
[Dessous Recordings]
10. Kolombo - Resistant
[Vice Versa]
11. Ziggy Kinder - FlipFlop Crash (Pier Bucci Remix)
[Souvenir Music]
12. Rennie Foster - Devil's Water

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