Thursday, November 25, 2010

Deep Techno Blog Mix Vol.09: Below Surface

Inspired by underwater pictures of last summer. By the dubby sound of bubbles below surface. The 9th mix of the Deep Techno Blog  continues its journey to the deeper sides of techno music. One step before dub techno, one hour of slow and dark rhythms. Enjoy!

Listen & Download:

1. Conforce - Subtraction 
2. Milton Bradley - The Unheard Voice From Outer Space 
3. Dub Taylor - Human Shades 09 (Extract)  
[Opossum Recordings]
4. Time for Trees - Sad Livin In The City (Roy England's No One Will Cry Over Me Dub) 
5. STL - Checkmate (cv313 Remodel)  
6. Lucy - Kalachakra  
7. Knowone - 003B  
8. Aaron Carl - Crucified (Rod Modell Like A River Remix)  
[Millions Of Moments]
9. Luke Hess - Corridor S Solution (A Plea For Change)  
10. Minus 126 - Feel Forgotten  
[Do Not Resist The Beat]
11. Roberto Bosco - After Berlin
12. Manaboo - Morpheen